On Les Aura! (Line of Fire)

On les aura!

In association with Trident Hyderabad and University of Hyderabad                        2014 marks the 100th anniversary of what we now sadly know as The First World War. The Indian Army during this war contributed a number of divisions and independent brigades. 1 million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 74,187 Indian ... Read More »

Concert : Indiamore by Christophe Chassol

Pianist, composer, arranger and musical director, Christophe Chassol discovered music at the age of four. Impressed by the soundtrack of the film «The Towering Inferno» and after sixteen years of studies at the Conservatory, his ambition from the very start was to compose for films, unite sounds and images to produce music of great elegance, in the tradition of Jerry ... Read More »

Concert : Abaji

Abaji is a Lebanese-born multi-instrumentalist and singer- songwriter. His work spans many cultures and languages. With roots in Greece, Turkey, Armenia and France, he’s at home strumming a twangy bouzouki, blowing into a breathy duduk or bowing a soft-toned kamancheh. Abaji’s passion for instruments – and he has more than 250 -stems from his deep desire to take the sounds he began to ... Read More »

Choose France Tour

Thinking about studying in France? Attend our virtual Choose France Tour on 26-27 Feb. Register now: French Embassy in India / Ambassade de France en Inde French Institute in India Campus France India Read More »