Alliance Française of Hyderabad warmly welcomes schools and colleges offering French as a subject to partake in tailored visits. Upon request, we organise immersive experiences, delving into the vibrant world of Francophonie. During these visits, students engage in a plethora of captivating French-related activities within our premises.

Exploring our collection of French literature, students delve into rich narratives and stories, often accompanied by engaging readings from our professors or librarian. They eagerly participate in an enriching quiz spanning French culture, cuisine, art, language, and general knowledge, followed by an array of fun puzzles and games suitable for all ages, readily available in our library.

A highlight of the visit includes a movie screening in our auditorium, where students watch and discuss a French film. Wrapping up the experience, an insightful presentation enlightens students about the appropriate DELF exam level corresponding to their age and French proficiency, equipping them with valuable knowledge and preparation tips for future endeavors.

As the visits draw to a close, smiles abound, and waves of excitement fill the air as students depart, eagerly anticipating their return to Alliance!