The library hosts exciting events to dive into the French culture. Events which happen regularly are:

School/College visits

These are special days when AFH opens its doors to external students from schools and colleges. It is always a great pleasure for the librarian to welcome them and a great opportunity for them to practice their French skills through games and watching a French movie. They get to know more about the different opportunities to study in France or about the DELF exam.

DELF-DALF preparation corner

Library is open to all internal and external students during the DELF-DALF exam preparation where the students can utilise a specially curated space for them with all the relevant exam books catering to their needs.

Book club/Club de lecture

Every month, the members of the Book Club decide on a book to read, and by the end of the month they get together to discuss the book, express their opinions, likes and dislikes, but also have the opportunity to share the deeper meanings they found within the text. These huddles are filled with fun for all francophones and always dive into exciting philosophical topics! Meeting are held both online and offline, and are conducted by librarian Bhavesh. Each book chosen is available on Culturethèque in full or reduced version. All the francophones who are interested are invited to join.

Reading sessions

Reading sessions are organised regularly at the library under the guidance of the professor, where students get to read the book of their choice and professor gets to readout a book to the students enhancing their reading and listening skills respectively.

Book sales

Ever wondered where you can buy and read French books, newspapers and magazines? The library of Alliance Française of Hyderabad is your destination! We keep various documents for sale at special prices regularly! Stay tuned for next book sales.

For library membership and access to Culturethèque, write to [email protected].