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Hyderabad to time-travel to 1970’s France

Long hair, moustaches, discos, and more! That’s 1970s France for you. Prepare to time travel with a ‘Trip To France’ in the ’70s, right here in Hyderabad with #BonjourIndia , through the lens of Prof. Parmanand Dalwadi and discover the influence of legendary French photo-journalist Cartier-Bresson on his art. This exhibition focuses on Dalwadi’s journey to France in the 70s …

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Science Beyond Borders: the saga of Indo French scientific cooperation

Bertrand Zadoc-Kahn (left) with Satyendra Nath Bose in Paris (1924–25). Both were friends and Bertrand Zadoc-Kahn introduced Satyendra Nath Bose to many other French personalities. Source: The Science Beyond Borders exhibition showcases the shared scientific history of Indo-French collaborations. Curated by Institut Français en Inde and its partners, the exhibition has been conceived specifically for this edition of Bonjour …

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