CINE-CLUB – Jules and Jim

Plot: Acclaimed French director François Truffaut’s third and, for many viewers, best film is an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roché. Set between 1912 and 1933, it’s the story of a love triangle between Jules, Jim and Catherine; the three individuals become constant companions, determined to live their lives to the fullest despite the world war around them. When ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – Thanks you, Boss

  Plot: Merci patron! is a French documentary film directed by journalist François Ruffin. The film is critical of the practice of outsourcing French jobs to foreign labour, and in particular it is critical of one of France’s richest people, Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. The style of the documentary has been compared to ... Read More »

Exhibition – Livres en Vie

Livres en Vie will expose few unique masterpieces of the artistic photographer Jean-Marc GODÈS. His entire artistic research is dedicated to the promotion of the repositories of words and books, through photography. Godès’ works exist at the crossroads of art, photography, poetry and literature. His photographs are known to arouse a strong desire to continue the course of stories that ... Read More »

Workshop – Introduction to writing and drawing

Anne-Claire Lévêque: Freelance journalist working for magazines and newspapers during many years, Anne-Claire Lévêque specializes in youth literature. Toying with the French language and juggling with words and expressions is one of her favourite writing technique. As a travel lover, Anne-Claire Lévêque appreciates to go towards all those who share her passion for books and writing, through different workshop, which ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – The kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq

Plot: The film was inspired by a rumour which occurred while Houellebecq was promoting his novel The Map and the Territory. For some time, he appeared to give no signs of life, which made newspapers in France speculate that he had been kidnapped. In reality he only had some trouble with his Internet connection. The film try to figure out how ... Read More »

Zoe Simpson After playing with her quirky trio Les Valseuses, Zoe Simpson is back on the stage for a solo career. This author, co-composer, performer, presents her story and her passion for words. Zoe Simpson writes women. She embodies those who give life, those who cry for freedom, those who love and forgive, but also those who suffer and who make ... Read More »

Film Screening – Krishnakriti Festival

Our Metropolis, 11am By Gautam Sonti & Usha Rao Bangalore is being refashioned as a ‘world-class’ metropolis. Livelihoods and homes make way for flyovers, glitzy malls and a shiny Metro. Threatened with violent transformation of their city, residents confront the authorities. Beneath the State’s ideal of a ‘global city’ lurks the intent to clear a pasture for big business.   ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – Santa Claus is a Stinker

  Plot: Pierre a stuffy, self-righteous volunteer at a telephone helpline for depressed people and his well-meaning but naïve co-worker Thérèse, are stuck with the Christmas Eve shift in the Paris office, much to their displeasure. The building’s lift is malfunctioning, and they receive visits from unwanted callers: Katia, a depressed transvestite who tries to hit on Pierre, M. Preskovic who lives in ... Read More »