Translation and Interpretation


The Alliance Française of Hyderabad (AFH) offers a Translation cell. The translators of the AFH are qualified with specialized diplomas in translation and are well-experienced in this field. All translated documents will be checked and signed by the Director (if the translation is into French) or by a specialized Indian Professor (if the translation is into English).

This translation cell offers the following services in two languages (English and French):

  • translation of official documents, of certificates
  • translation of mark sheets
  • translation of commercial, scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, legal or technical documents


Please send a soft copy of your original document for verification and for translation to the e-mail id : [email protected]

Translation will be done at the indicated time and date.

For more information, please contact by mail : [email protected]

Important Request

In order to provide better services, the AFH requests the users of the Cell to hand over some literature pertaining to the concerned domain


The time required to translate a given document will depend on the volume and the nature of the document.
A single page document requires about 3 days for translation based on our prior commitments.

Note :

  • The AFH will not certify documents which have been translated by translators not from the AFH.
  • The translated documents will be returned to the customer with the mention ‘Traduction certifiée exacte (to the best of the knowledge of the AFH).’


Please contact our translation service at the following address
:  [email protected] – subject: translation

For Details on price please click Detailed Info


Please contact our interpretation service at the following address:  [email protected] – subject: interpretation

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