Translation and Interpretation

The Alliance Française of Hyderabad (AFH) offers a Translation cell. The translators of the AFH are qualified with specialized diplomas in translation and are well-experienced in this field. All translated documents will be checked and signed by the Director (if the translation is into French) or by a specialized Indian Professor (if the translation is into English).

This translation cell offers the following services in two languages (English and French):

  • translation of official documents, of certificates
  • translation of mark sheets
  • translation of commercial, scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, legal or technical documents


Please send a soft copy of your original document for verification and for translation to the e-mail id : [email protected]

Translation will be done at the indicated time and date.


The time required to translate a given document will depend on the volume and the nature of the document.
A single page document requires about 3 days for translation based on our prior commitments.

Please contact our translation service at the following address:  [email protected] – with subject: Translation request

For details on prices for the standard documents, please click Detailed Info


Note :

  • The AFH will not certify documents which have been translated by translators not from the AFH.
  • The translated documents will be returned to the customer with the mention ‘Traduction certifiée exacte (to the best of the knowledge of the AFH).’
  • The physical copy of the translated documents have to be collected by the customer from our office during the working hours.



Please contact our interpretation service at the following address:  [email protected] – subject: interpretation

Important Request

In order to provide better services, the AFH requests the users to hand over some literature pertaining to the concerned domain.


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