Who are we?
Campus France operates under the French Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In India the Campus France network is part of the cooperation service of the French Embassy.

What do we do?
Campus France supports students at each step in their educational journey through France: initial information gathering, guidance in choosing programs and institutions, financial aid (scholarships and other sources of assistance), applying for admission, requesting a visa, preparing for departure, welcoming upon arrival…

Find your programme
Campus France offers several catalogues to help users to identify appropriate programs by academic level (bachelor, master, and doctorate). Users may also search for programs taught in English, programs in art, short programs, or French-taught programmes.

Fund your studies: campusbourses platform (scholarships)
Campus France has developed a search engine operating in French and English to help students locate financial assistance for their study plans. Users select one or more criteria to search for more than 660 national and international grant and scholarship programs.


Why choose France for your study? 10 reasons

  • A world-class education
    France is ranked #3 in the world in the Shanghai Ranking. In 2021, the Financial Times’ top five masters in finance are all French.
  • A leading nation for research and innovation
    Ranked second in the world for Fields Medals (mathematics) and fourth for Nobel Prizes, France is one of the most innovative countries in the world.
  • Reasonably-priced, state-funded education
    In French public universities, non-European students pay less than 4,000 euros a year for a master’s degree. The state covers most of the cost of students’ education. Over 500 French scholarships are available to Indian students for a total of INR 12 crore per year!
  • A wide choice of academic programs, all over the country
    Choose from 3,500 public and private institutions throughout France, and earn a diploma that’s accredited by the French government and recognized throughout the world. 1700 French programmes are fully taught in English!
  • An attractive destination for international students
    With nearly 370,000 international students from five continents, France is among the top host countries in the world.
  • Study in English in the heart of Europe
    Choose among more than 1,600 academic programs taught in English. Study in the heart of Europe (Erasmus, European universities) and just a few hours from Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • French language, a bonus for your resume
    French is the world’s fifth most widely spoken language in the world and the most studied language in the world after English. Learn French and join the community of 300 million French speakers in the world
  • A label that guarantees the quality of student support services
    The “Bienvenue en France” (Welcome to France) label showcases higher education institutions that offer a special quality of support services. Our multicultural campuses enrol students from all over the world.
  • The French way of life
    More than 40,000 monuments and protected sites, 41 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 8,000 museums, 2,000 cinemas and nearly 500 festivals, not to mention gastronomy and a spirit of festivity.
  • One of the world’s top economic powers
    France is the seventh economic power in the world and second in Europe in terms of GDP. More than 1000 french companies are installed in India, employing 350 000 people

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