Created in 1980, the Alliance Française of Hyderabad boasts a large community of alumni with about 2,000 students attending its French classes every year, many of whom went to study or work in France or other French-speaking countries.

In 2020, the AFH will celebrate its 40th anniversary in a city harboring a three-century old history with France. This history is one of friendship as well as excellence in the fields of education, technology, art, culture, science, and business and the AFH is proud to be both an actor and a facilitator for these relations.

The Hyderabad-France Alumni brings together personalities who studied/taught both in AFH or/and in France, as well as those who worked in France and reside in Hyderabad. It aims at reconnecting with each other, sharing quality time, and writing our common history.

A true opportunity to build our Francophile community.

The Hyderabad-France Alumni also aims at:
– promoting the mobility and facilitating the relation between our two countries,
– promotion of various fields of expertise resulting from the past and current exchanges in the fields of higher studies, sciences, arts and industry.

We are planning to hold two gala events in 2020: in March and in November celebrating the birth anniversary of AFH. In order to expand this forum, please spread the news about the Hyderabad France-Alumni and get on board with the concerned persons in as many fields as possible by becoming member of AFH and joining the Alumni.

Portraits of Hyderabad-France Alumni members.



I lived with my family in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a city close to Paris when I was 7 to 17 years old. Thus, this is in France that I have learned French. I love France. I went back three times, and every time, I visited my house. I really like French culture and speaking French. It became my life-long passion. I started teaching French to Indian engineers who were going to France to work in a French company. Nobody could speak English in France at that time, in the 1960s. When I went back to India in the mid-1960s, I started to teach at the Centre culturel français until it closed in 1969 and at Osmania University. In 1974, I passed a certificate of French proficiency at the University of Mumbai. In 1979, I went back to France to complete a 3-month teacher traineeship in Sèvres, thanks to a University Grants Commission scholarship. Later, I got a PGTC, the Post-Graduate Teacher Certificate. Since the creation of Alliance Française of Hyderabad in 1980, I have been working here. It will be 40 years next year.

If I would describe my experience with AFH in few words, I would say that teaching French is my passion, and I continue to enjoy teaching everyday with genuine enthusiasm. It really became my life.

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