Exhibition – Atout France

  Atout France has acquired a set of photographs and films presenting the “littoral” of France via an artistic approach. This is an exhibition entitled ‘Imagine France by the sea’, directed by photographer Maia Flore. By visiting the French coast from east to west, Maia Flore embarks on a circuit-performance in 26 destinations that each offer the possibility of a ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – The Devilish – December 4th

Plot:   The movie takes place in a French boys’ boarding school run by a headmaster who makes life there as unpleasant for the teachers as for the boys. Michael Delasalle (Paul Meurisse) is a sadist and a pinchpenny who serves the students rotten fish and slaps around his wife Christina (Vera Clouzot), even though the school really belongs to her. ... Read More »

Piano Recital – Olivier Moulin – Dec 2

Tribute to Debussy and Hazrat I. Khan   Free and open to all High Tea from 6.00 pm   The French pianist Olivier Moulin studied under Eric Heidsieck and Gery Moutier at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique of Lyon, where he was unanimously awarded first prize with honors. After advanced studies in the same institution, he continued his training ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – Primaire – November 27th

Primaire (2016) By Helene Angel   Plot: Hot on the heels of its recent January release in France, this is a vivacious and emotionally gripping story of a teacher caught between passion for her students and love for her child. Devoted primary school-teacher Florence is a single mother who pours her heart and soul into her students each and every day. ... Read More »

Exhibition – Maredu Ramu

As an inhabitant of the city of Hyderabad, the artist traverses and contemplates about the city through his visual expressions. Each work brings forth the eclectic amalgamation of varied images/contemporary thought processes as the artist absorbs them from his immediate surroundings. Read More »

CINE-CLUB – Like Brothers – November 13th

Comme des Freres (2012) (Like Brothers) By Hugo Gelin Plot: Since Charlie is no longer there, the lives of Boris, Elie, and Maxime have been torn apart. These three men, who have nothing in common, all shared one thing: their love for Charlie. One loved her like a sister, one loved her like the woman of his dreams, one loved her ... Read More »

L’Amant (The Lover) – Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival – November 3rd

L’Amant (The Lover) By Margueritte Duras Theatre   The Lover is an autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras, published in 1984. In her short and powerful novel, which won the Prix Goncourt in France in 1984, Duras recounts the largely autobiographical story of her family’s struggles in Southeast Asia. In 1929, a 15-year-old nameless girl is traveling by ferry across the ... Read More »

French Comedy Film – OSS 117

An homage to classic spy films. It’s 1955 and after a fellow agent and close friend disappears, secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, a.k.a. OSS 117, is ordered to take his place at the head of a poultry firm in Cairo. This is to be his cover while he is busy investigating, foiling Nazi holdouts, quelling a fundamentalist rebellion, ... Read More »

Indo-European Concert Orchestra – Masterclass Performance

Introducing the 1st Autumn International Music Fest & Masterclasses in Hyderabad, India – collaboration between music educators and performers from India & Europe.   Michael Makhal, an internationally known Indian Composer and Conductor, will be launching the 1st Autumn International Music Fest & Masterclasses in Hyderabad with the collaboration of European stalwarts Maestro Alessandro Viale (Concert Pianist & Conductor), Rebecca Raimondi (Violinist) and Urška Horvat (Cellist). The ... Read More »

CINÉ CLUB – MOLIÈRE – October 23rd

  MOLIÈRE (2007) By Laurent Tirard   Plot: In 1645, the French playwright and actor Jean-Baptiste Poquelin — better known as Molière — mysteriously disappeared for several weeks, and this lavish comedy drama imagines a scenario that could explain what may have happened to him. At this time, Molière is touring the French countryside with his traveling theater company, and ... Read More »