Results of the exams last conducted:
Centre : 091040 Hyderabad (INDE)
Session : : 202403J (DELF Junior)

Session : : 202404E (DELF Prim)

NoteCandidates who have passed (Admis.e) can collect the “Attestation certificate”(with marks breakup) from our office after 1-2 weeks. Kindly note the Marks details cannot be provided over phone.
– The Original certificate will take time (1-2 months) to come from Paris and we will inform you over email accordingly.

Note: Eliminé(e) means “Disqualified”. It just means one has got less than 5marks over 25marks in any of the 4sections(LSRW). However, one can still give the exam again in the next session.

Félicitations !! to those who have passed (Admis.e) and those who havenot, kindly note that you can always appear again in the next exam session or continue taking classes with us !!