In association with Trident Hyderabad and University of Hyderabad                        2014 marks the 100th anniversary of what we now sadly know as The First World War. The Indian Army during this war contributed a number of divisions and independent brigades. 1 million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 74,187 Indian soldiers died during the war. To commemorate the soldiers of  the First World War, Alliance Française is bringing a very special event  “On les Aura !” to this city. “On les aura !” (Line Of Fire) is the onstage adaptation of a graphic novel based on the diary of a WWI French soldier. This diary, which was found in trash, contains an incredibly rich human and historical testimony: the diary of a soldier during the very first months of the war in 1914. It begins with these words: “August 3rd,1914: Today weʼre off. Mobilization has been declared, and itʼs time to go, leaving behind wife, children and family. My morale is good, it has to be.” The anonymous private who wrote this The anonymous private who wrote this diary describes the beginning of the war, when all were still convinced they would be soon victorious, until his return in September after getting wounded. This diary reports the daily life of a man like any other, who suddenly finds himself transported to the line of fire. We are not being told unbelievable adventures, nor heroic actions; but rather the days that go by, sometimes hectic, sometimes endless, the long walks, the wait for the mail, the restless sleep, the din of the bombing, the coping, the boredom.

A performance including music, story telling with live drawing projected on a screen, by Writter and Illustrator Barroux and musician par excellence Julien Joubert.