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French Film Screening: Le chat du Rabbin

Type: Event Location: Alliance Française – Banjara Hills, road no.3, 3rd Floor City: Hyderabad Date: Thu, 2013/04/18 – 6:30pm Price: OPEN TO ALL (above 15 years) – Free entry – First come first served basis Category: Film screening Duration: 1hr 20min Alliance Française of Hyderabad is pleased to present “Le chat du Rabbin” (The Rabbi’s cat) A French film directed by Antoine Delesvaux / Joann Sfar with ... Read More »

Piano recital by Daniel Gomez

Type: Event Location: Alliance Française – Banjara Hills, road no.3, 3rd Floor City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2013/04/12 – 6:30pm Price: Entry by invites – open to all Category: Concert Duration: 2 hours “French Music has always been characterized for its nuances, voluptuousness and subtlety. Impressionism is the maximum expression of the dissolution of the form in favor of the harmony and the sensual pleasure, which is in ... Read More »

Via Presence – B2Fays

  Type: Event Location: Park Hyatt – Road No. 2, Banjara Hills City: Hyderabad Date: Thu, 2013/03/28 – 6:00pm Price: Open to all Category: Exhibition   “Via Presence” is a pictorial and sonorous installation of the artist B2Fays. This space mastering, connected to the visual and sonorous memory of the place, it brings the painting, the projected image, the movie, the sound and the visitor into ... Read More »

France Heritage

Type: Event Location: Kalakriti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills City: Hyderabad Date: Sat, 2013/03/16 – 6:00pm Price: Open to all Category: Exhibition Showcasing French Architecture & cultural Influence in India. This is a special project commissioned by the Embassy to document French architecture in India. Six Indian and French photographers were selected for this unque venture: Anat Mann, Gigi Scaria, Serena Chopra, Rishi Singhal, Isabel Saij & ... Read More »

Imany – « Jazz and Soul» concert

Type: Event Location: Novotel HICC City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2013/03/15 – 7:00pm Price: Entry by invites only Category: Concert   In Swahili, Imany means “hope”. This is the nickname chosen by Mladjao Nadia, originally from the Comoros Islands, when she abandoned her modeling career (Ford Agency), when she embraced her music career and moved to Paris. In Paris, she composed her first songs and soon made ... Read More »

‘Katharsis in Forbidden Zones’ by Dimple Shah

  Type: Event Location: Kalakriti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills City: Hyderabad Date: Wed, 2013/03/06 – 6:30pm Price: Open to all Category: Exhibition   KATHARSIS IN FORBIDDEN ZONES   Paintings, Sculptures, Installation & Performance by DIMPLE B SHAH (Part of Women’s March 2013)   Preview: Wednesday, 6th March at 6.30 pm   Venue: Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad   Alliance Française of Hyderabad and Kalakriti Art Gallery, in ... Read More »

Concerto for sarod, electronic & symphonic orchestra (ANANTA Opus 195)

Type: Event Location: Shilpa Kala Vedika City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2013/03/01 – 7:00pm Price: Entry by invites only Category: Performance   Pierre Thilloy with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan and the Symphony Orchestra of Avignon and KORD (electronic orchestra). «Connecting the fundamental principles of two musical cultures: sharing heritage, exploring horizons » Called “musician of the world”, Pierre Thilloy is however not ... Read More »

Solo violin recital by Frédéric Pelassy

Type: Event Location: Alliance Française of Hyderabad City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2012/11/02 – 6:30pm Price: Free entry, First come first served basis Category: Performance Duration: 1 1/2 hour Read More »

Participate in World Music Day 2012!

Type: Event Location: Alliance Française of Hyderabad, road no. 3, Banjara Hills City: Hyderabad Date: Thu, 2012/06/21 (All day) Price: Open to all Alliance Française of Hyderabad, Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad & Hyderabad Western Music Foundation invite  musicians, singers, bands, talents… to: Participate in World Music Day 2012  21 June Invitation of proposals from local amateur, professional musicians and groups willing to participate (all styles, vocal and instruments, Indian-classical and Western-classical, Fusion, Jazz, ... Read More »

Doc Splash- Documentary Screening

Type: Event Location: Lamakaan, road no.1 Banjara Hills City: Hyderabad Date: Tue, 2012/06/12 – 7:00pm Price: Open to all Category: Film screening Duration: 2 hours Rhythm is it! A film by Thomas Grube, Enrique Sanchez Lansch, 104 min Germany 2004   The film records the 2003 education/ out-reach project undertaken by Rattle and the Orchestra to make their work more accessible. It involves 250 young people from ... Read More »