Type: Event
Location: Prasads Preview Theatre, rd. no.2 Banjara Hills
City: Hyderabad
Date: Fri, 2012/02/24 – 6:30pm
Price: Free entry

Dernier étage gauche gauche (2010)
Comedy, suspense, and social satire in the Banlieue
Duration : 1h33min
Director : Angelo Cianci

François, a forty-something bailiff, is about to execute his daily eviction. But fate takes an unexpected turn: as he enters the apartment, he is mistakenly taken hostage by an amateur drug dealer and his father. Keen to resolve this situation quickly and quietly, the local deputy calls in the Special Police Force. Television crews immediately rush to the scene to make the scoop.  Now under crossfire from a dozen snipers, hungry cameramen, a curious crowd, and François’ exasperated wife, the three trapped men prepare their escape. Their only option: use the neighborhood’s discontentment and start a riot
from the 7th floor…

Free Entry