Type: Event
Location: Prasad Film Lab Preview Theatre, L..V.Prasad Marg, Rd.no.2 Banjara Hills
City: Hyderabad
Date: Fri, 2011/01/28 – 7:00pm
Price: Open to all
Category: Film screening


A film by Kaz Rahman

“Salaat” (74 mins, HD video 2010)

Cast: Hedi Hurban, Nasreen, Umran Yazici, Sara Rahman and Zainulvara Zaheer.

Synopsis:’Salaat’ weaves a breadth of imagery from the burning, decaying beauty of the land through lush forests to the stark desolation of winter and beyond.Five different women walk, ride and work through the day and each performs prayer or ‘Salaat’ at one of five different times. This structure also offers a glimpse at the beauty, stress and contradictions of people interacting throughout the day.

Review “Kaz Rahman’s film depicts salaat – Islamic prayer – both literally and more abstractly… reinforcing these moments as both integral to daily life, and yet somehow sacred and elevated, whether they occur in the hubbub of a city or in a pastoral glade.” Pittsburgh City Paper (USA) Sept., 2010

Director Bio: The work of Kaz Rahman explores and coalesces the intersection between Islamic artistic expression, the natural elements and contemporary culture. Rahman grew up in Ontario, Canada and studied Visual Arts at Toronto (BFA), painting/photography in England and later Media Arts in New York City where he earned his MFA. He currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, USA where he is faculty in Film/ Video at the Art Institute. Rahman’s family on his father’s side are from Hyderabad and ‘Salaat’ was shot partly on location in the city.