Spaces Available

1) Any extra usage of the space than the mentioned at the time of booking will be charged according to the total number of extra hours + 20% extra per hour.

2) The spaces can be booked for maximum one month time before reconduction

3) A booking agreement sent by Alliance française Hyderabad has to be signed between the parties, before the first day of booking.

4) A refundable caution deposit of 5,000 rs has to be paid to Alliance française Hyderabad before the first day of booking.

5) The rates are exclusive of  18% GST. 

To book, please download and fill in the Booking form and send it to [email protected]


Alliance Française Hyderabad
Plot no.4, Aurora Colony, Rd. no. 3, Banjara Hills
(Lane adjacent to Q-Mart)
Hyderabad 500034

Ph : +91 40 9966545652

[email protected]


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