Type: Event
Location: Sri Sarathi Studios, Ameerpet
City: Hyderabad
Date: Tue, 2011/01/11 – 6:30pm
Price: Open to all
Category: Film screening
Duration: 83 min

Félix, disguised as Father Christmas, hands out leaflets advertising a sexy Christmas party. His place is taken by an African Santa Claus and he returns to his caravan only to find his girlfriend Josette about to leave him. When he comes after her, she takes refuge at “SOS Distress”, run by two neurotics, Thérèse and Pierre.

Cast :Anémone, Marie-Anne Chazel, Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko, Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, Bruno Moynot, Michel Blanc, Martin Lamotte, Jacques François.

French film with English subtitles.

Comedy. 1982.