Inauguration: 28th Sept@ 6:30pm| From 29th September – 9th October | 10am-5pm | Alliance Française Gallery

Context: Each year Fondation Alliance Française organizes an International photography contest within the wide network of Alliance Française, spread across all the 4 continents. This year the topic of the competition was “Objectif Sport”, and non-professional photographers from all over the world were invited to present works illustrating a sport,which, in their opinion, best portrayed the sport of the country and the values it convey. 108 Alliances from 50 countries took part in this edition. Saurabh KUMAR who represented Alliance Française Hyderabad was declared the runner up by an eminent jury of professional photographers, journalists and gallery owners.

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About the exhibition: Alliance Française Hyderabad will present a collective exhibition of 44 photographs that were selected by the jury in Paris. This exhibition will be a part of the “Indian Photography Festival”, a not-for-profit initiative founded in 2015, which aims at congregating the greatest minds in the fields of photography and showcasing the works of emerging and renowned photographers from all over the world. For details about conferences and exhibitions please