Type: Event
Location: Taramati Baradari
City: Hyderabad
Date: Sat, 2011/01/22 – 7:00pm
Price: Open to all
Category: Performance

AllianceFrançaise of Hyderabad

With the support of the French Embassy in India


Hip-hop Dance Show   “In Vivo”

Compagnie S’poart

” “In vivo” is fed by our sensibility. The originality of each interpreter is asserted by the quest for a new urban, electric and organic atmosphere. Through the vibrations of hip hop dancing, I aim at making each interpreter use his experience and emotions to invent a dance which fits his personality.Build, unbuild, create, transform, go forward, stop, breathe, express yourself..,A new way of dancing feels its way when a break in history makes us look for a new way to exist.« In Vivo » is an intimate moment, a second of brotherhood, where the 6 dancers and interpreters show between themselves and the public the will to be alive.”

Mickaël Le Mer, art director of S’poart


S’poart should not be read literally, it is pronounced « espoir » (or hope in French). The hope and desire, at the beginning, to transform our dancing, based on performance into a space of manifestation and creation.S’poart was created in 1996 by a group of friends. We are a group of young enthusiast dancers who are attracted by the stage.“In Vivo” is its latest production, and has received rave reviews worldwide. It is a unique choreographic play, a moment of intimacy and fraternity that the six dancers share between themselves and the audience. This new way of dancing responds to the break in history which compels us to find a new way of existing.