Workshop – Introduction to writing and drawing

Date(s) - 27/01/2019
12:00 am

Alliance Française of Hyderabad


Anne-Claire Lévêque: Freelance journalist working for magazines and newspapers during many years, Anne-Claire Lévêque specializes in youth literature. Toying with the French language and juggling with words and expressions is one of her favourite writing technique. As a travel lover, Anne-Claire Lévêque appreciates to go towards all those who share her passion for books and writing, through different workshop, which gave her the opportunity to write with many different people.

Emilie Camatte: Emilie feels very early the necessity of drawing. Her taste for travels, particularly in India, and her passion for photography bring her to make journey diaries in which she delivers her feelings with pictures, sticking and watercolours. Then, her path will leads her to Lyon, at the school of illustration Emile Cohl where, taking up with her child soul, it’s in the illustration of children’s book, tales and games that she gives all her sensibility, her science of colours and her sympathy for naive shapes…


Hyderabad Literary Festival:

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