by Cie Akselere
at State Art Gallery, Auditorium

Genre: Object, puppets and shadow theater

Duration: 50mins.
For kids and young adults

This version is not a fairy tale, but a Princess’s tale. A Princess born in the suburbs of Liverpool. In a kingdom where famine and unemployment have devastated the landscape, where you are better off in a gang than alone and where the spindle has been replaced by a syringe. We are in a restaurant. The table is set. The waitress welcomes us. On the menu, a story.

“It starts here, in this castle.’’ This story gave Colette Garringan, the artistic director, the nickname ‘The Ken Loach of Puppet Theatre”.

This is a Part of Bonjour India and TIFLI Internatioal TYA Festival.

Hours:  9.30am and 11.30am for schools only
OPEN to ALL at 6.30pm. Entry pass: Rs-200