👀 You want to discover the unique beauty and the thousand-year-old history of the Rocks of Hyderabad, as well as their incomptable stories and legends attached to them?

🎬 Join us for a movie screening of the multi-award winning film “Other Kohinoors The Rocks of Hyderabad” on 17th November, 5:30 PM at Alliance Française of Hyderabad.

It will be followed by a talk with Co-Producer Mahnoor Yar khan and Frauke Quader from Society To Save Rocks – India.

About the movie

Other Kohinoors, The Rocks of Hyderabad is a love letter to Hyderabad and its unique terrain and culture. Hyderabad is an Indian city with a distinct history, language, culture, cuisine, and physical features. The film anchors itself in this regional tapestry showcasing how all of these are tied together with the rocks.​

The profound interactive relationship between culture and nature in Hyderabad has as its  ‘bedrock’, a respect for and dependence upon the landscape. This relationship is strikingly manifest in the city’s sensibility and culture: in its art, crafts, textiles, poetry, prose, architecture, literature, daily language, nomenclature, popular art, jokes, personal as well as its collective memory… In all these and more, the culture robustly, respectfully, affectionately acknowledges the beauty of the rocks and the role they play in the ecological health and distinct aesthetic identity of the city.​

Hyderabad’s relationship with the rocks has changed remarkably within the last couple of decades. We have witnessed catastrophic destruction of these unique and irreplaceable ancient rock formations. This has been accompanied by the destruction of ecological sustenance that the terrain provided to the city, as well as a loss of the culture that is enmeshed with this terrain.​