About the film
English Title: Not my Type
Director :Lucas Belvaux
First release: 2014
Casting: Emilie Dequenne, Loic Corbery, Sandra Nkake, Charlotte Talpaert
Duration: 111’ Genre: Romantic Comedy
French with English subtitles

Synopsis : When a young Parisian philosophy professor Clément is transferred to the northern French town of Arras, his world is turned upside down. He dislikes the provincial life, which is far from the wonders of Paris. Clément lives in a hotel without emotional, intellectual or physical stimulation, until he meets Jennifer, a sweet-natured and brassy blond coiffeuse from a local hair salon. On the surface, Clément and Jennifer have nothing in common. She is a single mother who reads tabloid magazines and has a weekly karaoke date with her girlfriends; he reads Proust and attends gallery openings. The chemistry between them builds up, as Clément gradually plays Pygmalion and Jennifer teaches him to let his hair down. Director Lucas Belvaux leads us to question whether the chemistry between them will suffice to break down the self-made and socially constructed barriers that sets them apart.

Accolades : The film has received critical acclaim. François Ozon won the Screenplay Prize at the 2012 Saint-Sebastian Film Festival. The film also received two prizes at the Toronto International Film Festival and several nominations at the 38th César Awards Ceremony.