This year’s César awards will be given away on February the 25th. On this occasion, discover some of the César award winning films from the previous years.
These films will be available for FREE at throughout February. All films are subtitled.

PETIT PAYSAN directed by Hubert Charuel: Pierre, a dairy farmer, realises that one of his cows is infected in a plague in France. Since the infection poses a danger to the entire herd, he tries everything he can to save them.

It won César Award for Best First Feature FilmCésar Award for Best ActorCésar Award for Best Supporting Actress.

HIPPOCRATE directed by Thomas Lilti : Benjamin desires to become a proficient doctor. He goes to his father’s practice to function as a junior doctor. But his experience there makes him realise his inadequacies and fears.

It won César Award for Best Supporting Actor

AVANT QUE DE TOUT PERDRE directed by Xavier Legrand : A young boy pretends to go to school and hides under a small bridge. A teenager in tears waits at a bus stop. A woman picks them up and drives them to the parking lot of a supermarket. They step out of the car, the woman takes a big trash bag out of.

It was nominated for Academy Awards in Best Live Action Film category.