Alliance Française of Hyderabad
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with English subtitles 
by French Film Director Stéphane Cazes
(Duration: 96 min)

ombline-2Year: 2012
Sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting a policeman as he was arresting her drug dealer boyfriend, Ombline discovers she is pregnant. Her boyfriend gets accidently killed during the raid and she has no one to turn to – her mother is dead and her father is also incarcerated. Transferred to the maternity ward of the prison, Ombline gives birth to little Lucas several months later. French law dictates that prisoners are only allowed to raise children born inside till the age of eighteen months, so Ombline gives custody to a childhood friend. When the friend proves unreliable, the young mother agrees to allow Lucas to go to a foster family. She returns to the general ward of the prison, where she has to serve the remainder of the sentence. In order not to lose her child forever, Ombline has to try to avoid the kind of trouble that got her in the jail in the first place.