Alliance Française of Hyderabad invites you to a solo art exhibition by Usha Nagasri Annamraju, along with a Kathak dance performance by KALAKUTEER group on 17th and an Artmeet on 20th.

Free and open to all!

About the artist:

” I.. Usha Nagasri Annamraju , am a self taught Artist.
Though a graduate in Engineering , I live in a Wonderful Land of Art.
My Land of Art is Magical, which is Mysterious but Miraculous. There are so many Visions, ldeas and Concepts .
I can happily Swing myself from Past to Future through my presentations on Canvas.
I enjoy taking and placing myself in any corner of the World and Love to find myself in any Line, Shape and Colour that spreads Positivity around.
I find Art Medicative and Meditative, and a means to understand things better. Through Art I try to relate to and feel for the things happening around me.
For the person I am today.. made up by the Situations, Understandings, Inspirations and Motivations that happened around me , the Learnings that I got from the people around me, I feel it is my duty to give it back to the People around me through my Art.
There is so much to Learn and Explore . I enjoy remaining a good Student forever retaining the Joy of Learning something new everyday keeping the enthusiastic kid in me alive ever and always. My journey in Art and through Art has just begun. ”


Kathak Dance performance by students of KALAKUTEER on

17th November, 2019       6pm to 7pm

 KALAKUTEER  founded by Guru Smt Rupa Bhattacharya garu is a society of Performing and Fine Arts.  The Moto of this Society  is “Swantah Sukhaya, Bahujan Hitaya”(Sanskrit) . In English it roughly translates to ” Bliss to one’s own heart, Well being to everyone”.  In this time of unrest, every Kalakutarian strives to  spread the awareness that Life is Beautiful and Art is the easiest way to achieve it.


RaAGa’s ARTMEET on 20th November 2019    from 11am to 3pm

Artmeet  which started at Ramam Art Ghar at Mahendra hills , is a Monthly event where a group of Visual Artists meet regularly at different venues. In every meet they Learn something new about a Technique,  Medium, Style or/and Concept in Art. They hold discussions related to Art.

They organise Mini Exhibitions and Competitions to improve their Art and prepare themselves to face the real World Gracefully.

They are very much open to Welcome new Learnings and Experiences . While Embracing newness , trying to Enrich their Knowledge , making their Art useful to the people around , they are trying to make an impact outside in the real world. Put together , they Celebrate Life through Art.



At Alliance Francaise, Hyderabad

Activities : Art Talk ,  Live Sketching and Art Exhibition cum Competition