by Cedric JIMENEZ


In the 1970s, Marseille became the world capital of heroin trafficking. Gaëtan Zampa is one of the most influential members of the French connection, a mafia network that manages it and thrives thanks to this very lucrative business. While he enjoys a luxurious life on the Côte d’Azur, Zampa finds on his way the judge Pierre Michel, who has been transferred to the south to clean this drug network. Not listening to any warning, Judge Michel engages alone in a crusade against Gaëtan Zampa, the emblematic and untouchable figure of the mafia. But he quickly understands that to get results, he has to change his methods. The magistrate, with integrity and determination, leads a war against the mafia even if that means risking his life more than once. His wife Jacqueline can’t bear to see him put his life and the safety of his family in danger…



Cast:  Jean Dujardin Gilles Lellouche Céline Sallette Mélanie Doutey Benoît Magimel

Genre: Polar, Thriller

Runtime: 2h15

Language: French with English subtitles


The screening will be followed by a debate to exchange our points of view and discuss topics related to the film. Free and open to all.