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Many a time in life we experience things in a mechanical manner without paying attention to the deeper patterns that keep time with and enable the daily hustle-bustle of life.

The Quieter Zone is a series of drawings which gives us a perspective into this beautiful space.

Welcome to an enriching, exciting evening where we indulge the artistic dimension present in each of us. The intent is that together we create an explorative,inclusive interactive space for both artists and art-enthusiasts.

Sabita Lakshmanan is an expressionist artist who explores human relationships and emotions, surrealistic aspirations & reflections and her response to everyday life and happenings. According to the artist,the deepest of mysteries lie just below the surface of our perception, and her work tries to go beyond the layers to explore the amazing reality that connects it all as one.


The Chief Guest for the evening is Ms. Anju Poddar

Anju Poddar is the rare face of modernity and tradition. With honors in Sanskrit followed by BE from USA, she is a well traveled person. She has devoted a great deal of her energy and time in working with women and children. She has also developed a collection of Contemporary Indian Art which she has collected passionately over 4 decades. Anju has a keen and seasoned eye for Textiles and Weaves.

A successful home maker Anju belongs to the well known Marwari families – Modi and Poddar. She is married to Vinod Poddar and lives in Hyderabad. She believes in celebrating everyday surrounded by her children Pallavi & Niraj More – Avantika & Puneet Dalmia and her beloved grand children Aman, Yash, Avanee and Priyang. Friends are a major support system in her life.

She is the author of the many well received books.

A JOURNEY TO THE HEAVENS: A helpful and detailed guide for prospective travelers to Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash and in addition she has also written a small visual book for kids on the same called “Yash & Aman’s journey to Manasarovar and Mt Kailash”. A WEDDING IN THE HOUSE- While helping with the preparation of the wedding, adds richness and meaning to the tradition of the marriage. OUR FESTIVALS OUR TRADITIONS: Propagates the importance of Hindu traditions and festivals to the forthcoming generations.MEALS MENUS & MORE :Which she has written along with her friends Sangita Biyani & Manjri Agarwal talks about menu planning and more.               108 SHADES OF DIVINITY: I am proud to announce the release of my book 108 Shades of Divinity written along with Mukul Singhal and Sethu Vaidyanathan. It is a sacred pilgrimage across India through 108 places of worship of nine religions. This book is an invitation to believers ti wander on a sacred journey, complete with details on how to get there, what to expect en route and the legends and rituals associated with a particular shrine or deity.  HOME DIVA: She is working on the book HOME DIVA and will be available soon..

She has been a part of writing her father’s biography K N Modi – KARAMAYOGI with the help of D K Modi, Manju Saraf & Krishna Sagar Rao. She also contributes an article on monthly basis to a national monthly B +ve.


Bachelors in Education, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma,USA–1971

Bachelors of Art with Honors in Sanskrit, Meerut University, Uttar Pradesh, India–1969

“Anju Poddar is the rare face of modernity……. Textiles and Weaves.”


Anju sits on the Board of various educational and social organizations and prestigious Business Enterprises. Her passion for art has made her a frequently called speaker at Art Shows, Museums and Educational Institutions such as Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Director, Crafts Museum of India, Delhi–Current

Director, Samay Books Limited, Hyderabad–2001 – Current

Society Member, Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad – Current

Committee Member, Coal India, Delhi

Director, Pantaloons, Mumbai–2001 – 2006

President, Banjara Hills Literary and Home Crafts Center, Hyderabad–1995 – 2005


Anju Poddar is a well-known name in creative and art circles as an art connoisseur, writer, traveller with a vast experience in textiles. This multi-faceted eminent person is also a gracious human being who insists on the simplest of introductions as an art-lover.

Looking forward to  share her vibrant presence on this  beautiful evening  with many  other art-lovers and artists


One of the highlights of the evening is a fusion of art and poetic performance by Alick Bailey, Soumya Venkatesan and the artist herself.




Soumya and Alick are Hyderabad based  artists who perform across the country, bringing poetry and stories to the masses. Their pieces have been known to draw in the audiences into a rich mental space wherein the reality of life can been seen in stark detail without the normal distractions of life. They would perform original  pieces on their interpretation and their search for the quiet zones that exist in their physical and mental realms.


Looking forward to see you on Friday Aug 2, 2019 at 6pm for the preview


Location: AF Auditorium

Entry: Free and Open to All


Plot No.4, Aurora Colony, Road No.3, Banjara Hills (road adj. to Q-Mart)

Tel: +91 (40) 23554485/86

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