Exhibition is extended till August 25th.



“Since I have started doing paintings, I realized it is not just a painting on canvas, it is myself expression which does  not belong to any religion, it is purely myself, emotion and expression from my life experience. Since I love nature and adore beauty, as an artist I always see from other perception that‘nature is not separate from human beings, we as a human being integrated with the nature and we can see our self in every form of nature. As an artist, for me beautify is not external beauty, it is always internal beauty. I always believe “As you love yourself, you love others”. I use different forms, symbols and motives as metaphors to express my inner perception to the outer world.

I used mostly nature forms in my paintings like Lotus, Flowers, Women and Budha, which is symbolize enlightenment, love and kindness. Through my paintings I would like to ask viewers to introspect each of them and find out their inner beauty and express their love on others.”



Location: AF Auditorium

Entry: Free and Open to All !

Plot No.4, Aurora Colony, Road No.3, Banjara Hills (road adj. to Q-Mart)

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