‘Incredible’ India in the eyes of women artistes

‘Indian Trails’ the eight-day show, presented by Sona Kapoor and Nandini R Penna is all about showcasing India’s magnificence as seen by the two artistes. It encapsulates the country’s glorious culture, unfathomable history, the exquisite monuments and architectural marvels that have stood the test of time and also vagaries of nature and, of course, its charming people.

Artist Nandini R Penna

I enjoy travelling, meeting people and visiting historical places. My ‘Indian Trails’ collection revolves around some mesmerising facets of the ‘Incredible’ India canvas. They are my reflections of the awe-inspiring structures, the fascinating people, and the ever-vibrant culture, which all have left lasting impressions on me during my travels over the years.

Enriched during a two-decade career in the media, I feel that everything that is beautiful is a piece of art. Though I basically enjoy wood cut, here I am showcasing creations that have been accomplished in acrylic, oil and clay.

A Fine Arts Graduate, Nandini R Penna has been part of several group shows.

Artist Sona Kapoor

Sona Kapoor, also a Graduate in Fine Arts, loves textures and colours, which are vividly reflected in her paintings.

She explains, ‘my paintings reflect everything that is Hyderabadi. Hyderabad’s rich communal diversity, dialect and unique culture have played a very big influence on my thought-process and come across as subjects that have an overwhelming bearing on my works’.

She has been part of several shows and exhibitions, including with various artistes, across the country.

A qualified academic, Sona Kapoor is presently churning out hundreds of budding artistes as a mentor to school children.

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