Zoe Simpson

After playing with her quirky trio Les Valseuses, Zoe Simpson is back on the stage for a solo career. This author, co-composer, performer, presents her story and her passion for words. Zoe Simpson writes women. She embodies those who give life, those who cry for freedom, those who love and forgive, but also those who suffer and who make mistakes. Sarah, Camille, Ophelia, Laura, Nastassja, Kayla, Iphigenia … It is absolutely necessary to hear them. She gives them her voice.
Obsessive with verse and precision, light poet, these songs are portraits of women, sensitive and deep in their words, festive, dancing, heady in their melodies and arrangements, signed Malcolm Crespin.


Delphine Delas

Since its beginnings, she has been working on the boundaries between reality and imagination, on travel and the question of the traveling man.
His creation deals with mythological characters, hybrid beings inspired by ancient civilizations, pagan rites, dreamlike and poetic worlds, imaginary or parallel, where nature is mistress and the human is a distant memory, or a transformation.
Her practice and techniques are multiple, expressed through murals, illustrations, installations, comics, paintings, drawings, graffiti, and street art.

The mapping projected on the tomb of Abdullah Qtub Shah takes as a starting point the story of Hyderabad from the reign of Abdullah. By mixing the Krishnakriti Foundation’s photographic archives, Delphine Delas’ drawings inspired by this collection, current videos of the city, visual games and volume from the architecture of the tomb, Nicolas Louvancourt and Delphine Delas present for the first time in India, a unique audiovisual work in 3D.