Type: Event
Location: Inaugural function at Prasads Imax, screenings at Prasad Film Lab Preview Theatre
City: Hyderabad
Date: Wed, 2011/03/23 (All day)

European Union Film Festival ( EUFF )

Laugh Like a European!!! Humour varies from country to country. A joke in one country might be taken as an insult in another. Nevertheless, comical moments bring a smile to everyone’s face. Come and smile with us during the film festival as nineteen comedies have been chosen this year from nineteen different European countries. And check out the synopsis by clicking here.

All films have English subtitles.

– Made in Hungaria (Hungary): Wed, 23rd March. 7pm @ Prasads Imax. Inaugural function in the presence of the Hungarian Embassador.

– Balls (Sweden) : Thu, 24th March. 6 pm @ Prasad Film Lab Preview Theatre.

– Beloved Berlin Wall (Germany) : Thu, 24th March. 8pm.

– Mosquitoes Tango (Slovakia) : Fri, 25th March. 6pm.

– Copacabana (France) : Fri, 25th March. 8pm.

– The Unemployment Club (Luxemburg) : Sat, 26th March. 6pm.

– Wrong Side Up (Czech Republic) : Sat, 26th March. 8pm.

– Kino Caravan (Romania) : Sun, 27th March. 6 pm.

– Kiler (Poland) : Sun, 27th March. 8 pm.

– Love is all (Netherland) : Wed, 30th March. 6 pm.

– Ricky Rapper (Finland) : Wed, 30th March. 8pm.

– The Commitments (Ireland) : Thu, 31st March. 6pm.

– The Physics of Water (Italy) : Thu, 31st March. 8pm.

– Cheese and Jam ( Slovenia) : Fri, 1st April. 6pm.

– A Chicken is no Dog (Belgium) : Fri, 1st April. 8pm.

– Call Girl (Portugal) : Sat, 2nd April. 6 pm.

– The Other Side of the Bed (Spain) : Sat, 2nd April. 8 pm.

– Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms (Denmark) : Sun, 3rd April. 6 pm.

– Four Lions (United Kingdom) : Sun, 3rd April. 8pm.