Type: Event
Location: Durgam Cheruvu, near Ambedkar Open University, Jubilee Hills
City: Hyderabad
Date: Thu, 2011/03/24 – 7:30pm
Price: Open to all
Category: Concert

Danyel Waro

World music concert

Hyderabad has witnessed African music at the Dobet gnahore’s concert last year, and this year we have Danyel Waro from the Reunion island!! Danyel Waro is known as the Creole King of Maloya. Maloya is a compound rhythm on which plantation workers have long been singing their joys and woes. It’s a sort of réunionese blues. Waro composes exclusively in Creole and sings with a very strong, distinctive high-pitched voice along with the drum and percussion instruments.

His songs are abut the present day problems of the island-politics, racism, resistance to French cultural influence as well as life and love.The traditional instruments used by him are: kayanm, flat instrument made from cane flower stems and filled with saffron seeds ; bob, a musical bow attached to a calabash for resonance; rouler (literally, “rollers” big drum made from barrels with a cowskin head).He has a striking stage presence and his performances are very physical.

Danyel Waro has received the WOMEX 2010 Award for artists in Copenhagen.

Don’t miss his concert!