Type: Event
Location: EFLU
City: Hyderabad
Date: Thu, 2011/03/17 – 3:00pm
Price: Open to all

Esther is elderly. She is also Jewish. She requires constant nursing, but her sturdy ill-temper runs through nursing assistants like nobody’s business. Yvette, her most recent victim, has just handed her notice in, joining a long line of predecessors. Elie, Esther’s son, does not know what to do. Taking pity on him, Selima, the day nurse, suggests hiring her mother, Halima. Who is Muslim. Against all odds, the two women build a strong, intimate friendship. Halima is a proud and sensible woman. She knows how to command respect. Her good humor and energy give Esther a new lease of life.

Director : Philippe Faucon.

Cast : Sabrina Ben Abdallah, Ariane Jacquot, Zohra Mouffok, Hocine Nini.

French film with English subtitles. Drama, 2007.


1st part : Juliette Binoche Dans Les Yeux, documentary by Marion Stallens.


You can enjoy this film in 2 different locations!

– Sri Sarathi Studios, Ameerpet on Tue,15th March at 6.30 pm.

– EFLU on Thu, 17th March at 3 pm.