Cafeteria | Le Rendez-Vous





Black coffee        Rs.15

Milk Coffee        Rs.20


Chai  Rs.15

Black tea   Rs.15

Lemon tea Rs.20


Water 200ml      Rs.15

Soft drinks 200ml       Rs.20

Tropicana juice   Rs.30

Sur le Pouce

Samosa      Rs.15

Veg sandwich     Rs.50

Cheese and veg sandwich     Rs.50

Bread-Omelette     Rs.50

Omelette (2 eggs)  Rs.30

Crêpe (with jam or sugar-lemon)    Rs.40

Crêpe Nutella     Rs.50

Cake of the day  Rs.30/piece

Maggi with Vegetables  Rs. 30

Biscuits, Chocolates, Lace chips   Rs. 15/pack

On availability

Chappatti (3 nos) + curry per plate   Rs.35/-

Idli  (4nos)  per plate Rs.30/-

Dosa (1 no) per plate Rs. 25/-

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