February 26, 2019

CINE-CLUB - The Rabbi's Cat

Plot: The story takes place in the Jewish community of Algeria during the 1920s. One day a rabbi finds that his talking parrot, who is very noisy, has been eaten by his cat and that the cat has gained the ability to speak in human tongues. However, the rabbi finds that the cat is very rude and arrogant, so the rabbi teaches him about the Torah, with the cat deciding that — if he is Jewish — then he should receive a bar mitzvah, leading the two to consult with the Read More...CINE-CLUB - The Rabbi's Cat

March 9, 2019

VIA - Live Performance

Via is a live musical sheet which adapts to the interpretation of the moment,to be receptive and responsive to perform the pieces according to the present time. Places, audience, climate, bodies of the artists are living and moving materials. Being in harmony with all these elements is a delicate work whichenables to create a true connection with the audience. The latter is then led to listen and watch carefully, to move closer, to arouse their senses until they possibly reach the limits of the return to themselves and to the Read More...VIA - Live Performance

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