Type: Event
Location: Sri Sarathi Studios, Ameerpet
City: Hyderabad
Date: Tue, 2010/12/14 – 6:30pm
Price: Open to all
Category: Film screening
Duration: 86 min

Cast : Valérie DONZELLI, Cyril TROLEY, Bruno TODESCHINI, Pablo De La TORRE.

Maïté is married to Vincent who has just been sentenced to seven years in prison. The only intimacy left to them lies in the prison’s visiting rooms. Twice a week, she picks up his laundry, washes it, irons it, and brings it back to him, performing this ritual assiduously and meticulously. One day a young man approaches her outside the prison. His name is Jean. He loiters around her and offers her a ride. She hesitates at first, but agrees to his proposition. He becomes her lover. Eventually Maïté learns that Jean is actually a warden in the prison, who has, moreover, offered her husband his protection. Caught between desire and guilt, pleasure and duty, she finds herself trapped in a three-player game, the rules of which none of them really knows.

35 MM. 2006.