November 9, 2017

Digital Month - Novembre numérique

Digital Month - Novembre numérique Novembre Numérique is a platform to learn French using digital tools available at the resource center. mail: library@afhyderabad.org 09.11 “JOUER” Serious Gaming Workshops 13.11 “DÉCODER” Presentation of Culturethèque : This is a digital library, where thousands of documents are available for Alliance Française library members. 23.11 “PENSER” Kahoot game : Game based on classroom response system Read More......Digital Month - Novembre numérique


November 20, 2017

Imagine France Photo Exhibition by MAIA FLORE

In 2010, the light of Scandinavia inspired Maia Flore her first serie Sleep Elevations, a suspended journey melted with childhood memories. Her approach enters into the research of coincidences between reality and her imagination. A completly made up universe she relates in the shape of touching, captivating, strange and, sometimes, surrealistic pieces. She belongs to a new generation of photographers, 100% digital, where the picture is made as much as taken, where the postproduction helps the final results as much as the shot. As she takes a different look upon a country rich of its past, she empowers the places like a magician. Maia doesn’t simply visit, but meets the places. In the end, a communicative feeling of liberty makes visitors and spectators want to be part of this delighted circle. Martine RavacheImagine France Photo Exhibition by MAIA FLORE


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