December 5, 2018

Exhibition - Atout France

  Atout France has acquired a set of photographs and films presenting the “littoral” of France via an artistic approach. This is an exhibition entitled ‘Imagine France by the sea’, directed by photographer Maia Flore. By visiting the French coast from east to west, Maia Flore embarks on a circuit-performance in 26 destinations that each offer the possibility of a trip in their own way. The sea can be seen with emotion as it has no limit. It is in the same way that the artist diverts, modifies or increases Read More...Exhibition - Atout France

January 6, 2019

Zoe Simpson After playing with her quirky trio Les Valseuses, Zoe Simpson is back on the stage for a solo career. This author, co-composer, performer, presents her story and her passion for words. Zoe Simpson writes women. She embodies those who give life, those who cry for freedom, those who love and forgive, but also those who suffer and who make mistakes. Sarah, Camille, Ophelia, Laura, Nastassja, Kayla, Iphigenia ... It is absolutely necessary to hear them. She gives them her voice. Obsessive with verse and precision, light poet, these songs Read More...