December 4, 2015

CHRISTMAS CONCERT : Festival Choristers

Festival Choristers

The Christmas Season 2015 in Hyderabad will be ushered in by the Festival Choristers who are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year. They are drawn from many walks of life, different ages and faiths. As usual, this is their gift of love to the Twin Cities, spreading through song, the message of Peace, Joy and Love which is the essence Read More......CHRISTMAS CONCERT : Festival Choristers


December 9, 2015

FRENCH FILM : Jules et Jim


 A French film directed by François Truffaut (with English Subtitles) Year: 1962 Duration: 105 minutes Free entry, seating on first come first basis Synopsis In Paris, before WWI, two friends, Jules (Austrian) and Jim (French) fall in love with the same woman, Catherine. But Catherine loves and marries Jules. After the war, when they meet again in Germany, Catherine starts to love Jim... This is Read More......FRENCH FILM : Jules et Jim


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