Do you know that French is the most popular foreign language in India?

Let discover why studying French is so well liked, and how it can be a true asset.

French is widely spoken and a language of international prominence. With over 30 Francophone countries around the globe, it is a language spoken by about 300 million— both native and non-native speakers. French is one of the few languages taught in every nation of the world and is among the most widely used languages of the United Nations Organization (UN), the African Union, and other organizations.

French is the third most popular destination for studies. Higher education in France is known to prepare highly experienced and talented professionals, highly skilled. Companies will see you as a candidate with an international mindset. French degrees are respected and recognized by employers all over the world. Your ability to speak French will open you up for higher educational opportunities in French business schools and universities. Indians who know French can obtain a French government scholarship to study in France.Visit Campus France to know more about it.

Learning French can be a career asset. It is one of the best foreign languages to learn for jobs in corporate sectors in India. Many multinational companies use French as their working language in a wide range of industries. There are 350+ French companies in India. They are regularly looking for employees who can communicate in French. If you have the world in sight, French will also benefit you as India is more and more present in Africa where French is largely spoken. Career in hotel management, tourism, luxury goods, and aviation also favor candidates with knowledges of French language.

French is sought-after for employment opportunities, and immigration. Whether you want to settle in France or immigrate to Canada, you have to appear for the various French proficiency test such as TEF Canada. French is one of the requirements of economic immigration to Quebec province or Canada.

Speaking French will give you access to a rich culture. The French heritage, its monuments, its countryside and art is widely recognised. Are you found of reading? France has won more Nobel Prizes for Literature than any country in the world. Knowing French means getting to read from France, but also from Africa, Caribbean, Northern America and many more other parts of the world. French is the second most translated language in the world as far as books are concerned. D you like movies better? Then you could try French cinema. Today France is the third biggest film market in the world juste after India. And you may get a chance to go to the Cannes film festival, the international rendez-vous for directors since 1946. Finally, any lover of art and culture has good reasons to be interested in French as it is one of the international languages of theatre, visual arts, architecture, music, dance, gastronomy, fashion and much more. 

Learning French will help you learn other languages. Especially Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian. English speakers should also know that French has provided more than 50% of the current English vocabulary!

In a nutshell, learning French will only open new doors for you! Start your French journey at Alliance Française Hyderabad.