Lasya – Tandava, The Shapes of Dance – Puppet Ballet – Sabrina Arusam – 21st August- Ravindra Bharathi

  Dance is life …. Dance is alive! Dance is a universal language … Through the puppets, this show creates an illusion of the body movements, with different kinds of classical and folk Indian dance forms. Rangasthali in Collaboration with Department of Language and Culture, is organising Lasya Tandava – a Puppet Ballet, with various dance forms, conceived and created ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – Girlhood – August 20th

Plot: Marieme lives her 16th birthday as a succession of prohibitions. Censorship of the neighborhood, the boys’ law, the school deadlock. Her meeting with three freed girls changes everything. They dance, they fight, they talk loud, they laugh at everything. Marieme becomes Vic and joins the gang, to live her youth. However, she soon finds out that this new life ... Read More »

Gastronomie à la Française – Aug 16 & 17

#Food #Gastronomie #French  Alliance Française Hyderabad presents ….. ….Gastronomie à la Française …. ….with French Chef Jean-Jacques Berteau !   In Chef’s words : “I discovered from a young age the love of cooking thanks to my grandparents, with whom I spent all my summers. My grandfather had a large vegetable garden where we spent most of our time and I ... Read More »

Art Exhibition – Beauty of Wisdom – Aug 16th to 25th

Exhibition is extended till August 25th.   Artist’s INTROSPECTION “Since I have started doing paintings, I realized it is not just a painting on canvas, it is myself expression which does  not belong to any religion, it is purely myself, emotion and expression from my life experience. Since I love nature and adore beauty, as an artist I always see ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales – August 6th

Plot: Those who think that the countryside is a quiet and peaceful place are mistaken, there are particularly restless animals: a Fox who thinks he is a hen, a Rabbit who is a stork and a Duck who wants to replace Santa Claus. If you want to take a vacation, go on your way… A 2017 French/Belgian animated anthology comedy ... Read More »

Art Exhibition – The Quieter Zone – Aug 2nd to 15th

#Art  #exhibition   Many a time in life we experience things in a mechanical manner without paying attention to the deeper patterns that keep time with and enable the daily hustle-bustle of life. The Quieter Zone is a series of drawings which gives us a perspective into this beautiful space. Welcome to an enriching, exciting evening where we indulge the ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – The Young Girls of Rochefort – July 23rd

Plot: A wonderfully entertaining musical fantasy, THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT features big-screen legend Gene Kelly and international star Catherine Deneuve, in a delightfully lighthearted story about two charming sisters waiting for their perfect love to arrive! In the picturesque seaside village of Rochefort, Delphine (Deneuve) teaches dance while her twin Solange (Francoise Dorleac) composes and gives piano lessons. As ... Read More »

Art Exhibition – Deccan Space – July 19th to 24th

Deccan Space – a solo Art Exhibition of recent drawings by Maredu Ramu, MFA Painting from University of Hyderabad, will be on display at Alliance Française Hyderabad Gallery  from July 19th to 26th, 2019. Maredu Ramu was deeply engrossed in contemplating and excavating visual array of thoughts based on “water, as the essential element’, for quite some time. The series was ... Read More »

CINE-CLUB – Wine Calling – July 9th

Plot: For the past ten years, the wine world has been in full effervescence, shaken by a counter-culture as rock could have been by punk in its time. All over France and more particularly in Occitania, joyful rebels have invested our lands to invent the wine they love: natural and without artifice. While there are more than 3.000 wine growers in ... Read More »

Tanjore Pantings & Art Exhibition – Neha Jain – July 8th to 15th

  Tanjore painting and other art forms …  exhibition by Neha Jain will be on display at Alliance Française Hyderabad  from July 8th to 15th  2019.   Neha Jain is inclined to various form of arts n crafts since long time. From the last five years she is actively taking part in various exhibitions .   Her art work includes oil ... Read More »