Type: Event
Location: Prasads Preview Theatre,rd. no.2 Banjara Hills
City: Hyderabad
Date: Sun, 2011/11/13 – 4:00pm
Price: Entry by passes
Sunday, November 13
at 4 pm

DOSAR, by Rituparno Ghosh, 2h07 min (Cannes 2007)


Synopsis: The story revolves around the couple Kaushik and Kaberi, who were very happy until a car accident kills Mita, Kaushik’s mistress, and leaves Kaushik injured and grieving and Kaberi shattered at the revelation

Director: Rituparno Ghosh is a young Bengali film director whose work has met with considerable critical acclaim in recent years, both in his native India and abroad. He has won a National Film Award in India and several awards at international film festivals abroad.

Recognition at Cannes: This movie was selected for the 60th Cannes Film Festival in the “Les Cinema du Monde” (Cinemas of the World) section in 2007.


PRINTED RAINBOW, by Gitanjali Rao, 15 min (Cannes 2006)

Synopsis: A big city. A tiny apartment. There, in solitude, lives an old woman and her cat, stuck in their daily chores against the hiss of the city. The Windows look out into more windows with more desolate lives. The old woman, however, has a secret window: her precious collection of match boxes. Their printed labels open into a myriad of exotic worlds. The cat is the sole companion in her explorations of these magical worlds where beauty, imagination and wonder triumph over the insignificance of her existence

Director: Gitanjali Rao is a gold medalist from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai and a self taught animator. Rao learned on the job during her association with many studios and film projects early in her career. Her earlier experimental animation short, Orange (2002) won many awards and critical acclaim internationally. She also has a string of very popular animated commercials to her credit. Rao is currently an independent animator and illustrator who makes her own films alongside her other professional assignments.

Recognition at Cannes: This short film was screened in competition during the Cannes Critics week in 2006 and won three awards for the best short film.



at 7 pm 

MARANA SIMHASANAM, by Murali Nair, 57 min (Cannes 1997, Camera d’Or)
in presence of Film Director Murali Nair
The screening will be followed by a discussion


Synopsis:  Though Krishnan toils all day planting rice, he struggles to feed his family. One day, he is made a scapegoat when caught stealing coconuts from his landlord and finds himself framed for a number of unsolved murders thusbeing sentenced to death. With the import of America’s latest high-tech instrument of death: the “electric chair”, guilt and innocence fall by the wayside as everyone (including Krishnan) is awestruck by this gleaming new technology. A political dark satire.

Director: Murali Nair became part of the Mumbai film industry as an assistant director. His first short-film Tragedy of an Indian Farmer won an Indian National award (silver lotus) in 1993. His later films PattiyudeDivasam and Arimpara was also screened at the Cannes in the official selection.

Recognition at Cannes:  His short film, A long journey was screened at the short film competition section 1996. Throne of Death, first feature won the Caméra d’Or in 1999. He served as a member of Caméra d’Or jury in 2001.


A VERY VERY SILENT FILM, by Manish Jha, 5 min (Cannes 2002)

Synopsis: An exploration of the social ills that affect women in poverty: another woman dies again on the streets after living a life of mental and physical abuse.

Director: Manish Jha worked as an assistant director for television serials. Wanting to move away from monotonous soaps on television, he decided to make this short film. His later films include Matrubhoomi: A Nation without Women (2003) and Anwar (2007)

Recognition at Cannes: The film was awarded the Prix du jury at Cannes Film Festival 2002 for best short film.


CHINESE WHISPERS, by Raka Dutta, 35 min (Cannes 2006)


Synopsis: A man and a woman, in an urban space have only met as strangers, and till the end they remain so, as they grow steadily towards alienation from their surroundings. They share the same space, that is the city, but they have their own set of problems to deal with. Coming closer and closer to their own crisis, they start growing comfortable in their respective existences.

Director: Raka Dutta is a student of the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI) in Kolkata, Dutta’s film is named after a popular game where to a row of children, a sentence is whispered in the ear of the first child and he is asked to pass it on to the next one, and so on. By the time it reaches the last child in the row, both the construction and the meaning of the sentence tend to get changed. ”So it is in life where the things which, at one stage, might be important to a person, lose their intensity and meaning down the years,” Dutta stated.

Recognition at Cannes: This film was screened at the Cannes Film festival as part of the competitive Cinéfondation section in 2006.


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