Type: Event
Location: Vidyaranya School, near Secretariat
City: Hyderabad
Date: Fri, 2011/09/23 – 7:00pm
Price: Open to all
Duration: 1 hour


About the play

Layering shadows, puppets, masks and acting, the play presents a pachwork of short stories. All are articulated around questions of behaviour of the human kind and around a screen which could represent alternatively a tree, the planet, or the cosmos.

About the story

From the cosmos, a black bird comes for a visit to the only planet where, it is told, the presence of water has allowed life, the blue, the green planet.. There, a single creature, blind and deaf to tales, legends and myths which surrounds him, seems to rule that world… How far is this true?

Notes of the director Brigitte Revelli

The human psyche, naturally animistic, has a fundamental, organic resonance with nature. Therefore, tales, legends and myths have dug in it the material of a symbolic language, constitutive of the imaginary. But, what is left nowadays of that deep nature which had inspired us? How the missing of the nature might affect the power of imagination? The play attempts to revive the feelings related to nature through its literacy references and aesthetics.

About the group

The director, Brigitte Revelli, is a French artist living in India for the last 15 years. She combines her background in contemporary dance with Kathakali and sculpture to create new forms of puppetry.

Minnaminungukal Puppets Theatre Cie, which means Fireflies, is based in Thrissur, Kerala. Its productions have sometimes taken inspiration from traditional arts but are always looking towards contemporary issues and are keen on relating to the concerns of the modern audience.

Friday, 23rd September 7 pm

Vidyaranya School, near Secretariat

Open to all