Type: Event
Location: Sri Sarathi Studios, Ameerpet
City: Hyderabad
Date: Tue, 2010/11/23 – 6:30pm
Price: Open to all
Category: Film screening
Duration: 107 min

Cast : Gérard Darmon, Jean-Pierre Daroussin, Bernard Campan, Marc Lavoine

The life of four best friends in Paris: Antoine (a gym school teacher), Jeff (director of a monthly journal), Alex (Jeff’s associate in the monthly journal and a Don Juan) and Manu (owner of fine food store). Their time is shared between their respective jobs, their relationship with women (their own and others…) and the times they meet together to discuss about life and play sport lottery. Several events happen that immediately change their routine: the death of Manu’s father, the break up of Antoine’s couple when he learns that his wife once cheated on him, and the wedding of Jeff’s daughter. Soon, Manu meets a charming and magical young lady, Juliette. Jeff thinks he is at a turning point in his life and decides to retire, to be friends with his ex-wife and to go to the South of France to live in the sun with his girlfriend. Despite all the hard times they have in their lives, the four friends managed to support each other and keep their friendship running.


French film with English subtitles, 35 MM. 2002.