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March 20, 2020: Le niveau Master 2 de l’Université de La Réunion 2020. For more information click -> Réunion

Programme de Bourses d’excellence Horizon

March 20, 2020: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS CHARPAK MASTERS SCHOLARSHIP 2020. For more information click -> Chrpak2020
March 11, 2020: Apex CoVantage India Pvt. Ltd. is looking for French Translators. For more information click -> ApexCoVantage
March 4, 2020: Sancta Maria International School is looking for French Teacher. For more information click -> SanctaMaria
February 19, 2020:       Summer classes at the prestigious film institute “La Fémis”, Paris,  from  28th  May to 24th July 2020. Please find enclosed herewith the relevant information’s in English as well as the application form. As French language will be the medium of teaching, working and communications, participant must be good in French. He or she should understand French language perfectly, as participants are sometimes required to watch films without subtitles. It’s is open to students below 30 years.

The Embassy will provide a scholarship to the candidate.

Deadline for receiving applications :   13th MARCH 2020. 

Results will be announced on 4th April.

Applications should be addressed to the undersigned by mail.

Reghu DEVARAJ       [email protected]

For more information click -> La Fémis

Application form download


February 18, 2020:  Tower Automotive India Pvt Ltdis looking for Engineers with Fluency in French. For more information click -> TAIPL

Contact:  Nadella Prasanna

[email protected]

[email protected]

February 5, 2020:  MediJourn is looking for Interns with Fluency in French. For more information click -> MediJourn





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