Type: Event
Location: Kalakriti Art Gallery
City: Hyderabad
Date: Thu, 2011/12/15 – 7:00pm
Price: Free entry
Alliance française of Hyderabad
in association with Kalakriti Art Gallery
by B2FAYS (Beatrice de Fays)
Opening Thu, 15th Dec, 7 pm
at Kalakriti Art Gallery
All are Welcome
15th-25th December
‘I am a painter… I invite the visitor to come into painting, which means within sense, through material, images, sounds, and networks.” Artist, Beatrice de Fays (B2FAYS)
… the body of the painting leaves the walls …
Here is the creative magic of an artistic process using distinct and complementary means in order to connect the living : the paintings progressively come away from the walls, meeting the visitor in a creative and interactive projection.
… the body of the visitors enters the creation …
The visitor meets the pictorial content in a continuous movement of transformation : his presence (figure, movements, position), captured by a camera, takes the shape of pictorial, visual and sonorous action, immediately perceptible. He becomes a “pictorial trace” which reveals the sensitive space of the work in creation, layer by layer, while being printed on the screen.
This interactive multimedia device suggests the participants to interact in real time with a pictorial and musical environment connected to Hyderabad.
Each evening, an interactive multimedia device installed in the garden will allow a large public to attend and participate in an interactive performance.