Type: Event
Location: Venue to be confirmed
City: Hyderabad
Date: Wed, 2012/05/09 – 7:06pm
Price: Free entry – First come first served basis
Alliance Française of Hyderabad
in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Tourism
is pleased to present
TEMPS D’ARRET by famous French dancer Miguel Nosibor
Stunning performance
Hip hop contemporary dance



“In life, what I appreciate is taking time to do things and be in contact with others. That’s just what I’m like. Yet, everything in life goes so fast, too fast! With this solo, I wanted to take time, to stop time, to find time…. to give from time to time. To take a break, with this increasingly strong awareness that I can act, that I can choose, that I can decide…. that I can find “my time”. Miguel Nosibor, choreographer

Miguel Nosibor’s solo keeps all it’s promises…

The show is unveiling, accompanied by good synthesized music which at any given point always emphasizes the changes in mood. But the most remarkable thing comes in the dance itself: he comes from the world of hip hop, he possesses all it’s techniques and is impressive in the shakes, extremely precise in his placements and holds, and powerful on the floor.

With this solo, he wanted to give himself time to question his memory, the memory of the man, the memory of the dance, the memory of the social actor who for 15 years has had the incredible luck of making a career out of dance, enabling him to travel throughout France and over to Guiana and meet all kinds of people along the way.

In 2000, Miguel discovered the dual possibility open to him: dancing and conveying the story and positive values through the medium of hip hop. What interests him in this movement is it’s powerful, free and vibrant creative energy.

“The dancer seems to let himself go in improvisation”. Claudine Moise