Type: Event
Location: Taj Banjara, road No. 1
City: Hyderabad
Date: Sat, 2013/09/07 – 7:00am


The Alliance Française of Hyderabad, in collaboration with Taj Banjara, is organising a unique concert by French singer NORIG, the new Gypsy voice from France.
Saturday, 7 September, 7pm, Taj Banjara, Road n° 1

Born in 1973, Norig took her first piano lessons at the age of ten. Enormously inspired by the film ‘Le temps des Gitans’ by Emir Kusturica, she fell in love with gypsy genre of music. She then began to create her own style of music along with guitarist Sébastien Giniaux.
In 2002, Norig made her first rendition of gypsy songs performing for the first time in Paris. Her first album ‘Gadji’ released in 2006.
In 2003, Norig met Tony Gatlif, the famous filmmaker of gypsy origin and recorded the soundtrack of “Exils” (Best Director 2004, Cannes Festival). She also accompanied Tony on the ‘Django Drom’ project in 2010 with the biggest names in Jazz: Didier Lockwood, Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg. She also recorded the sound track for his movie “Indignados” in 2012, and “Indignez-vous”, his documentary on the book written by Stéphane Hessel.
Norig’s gorgeous personality and sensual, gifted voice astonish one and all, her ballads evoke drama. This beautiful songstress imparts her music intoxicated with love, pain & defiance. She captivated the Gypsies and leaves us spellbound! One of her original composition ‘Ionela’ is soon to release in October, 2013. To listen to Norig, follow this link: www.norig.fr


Mathias LEVY (violin):
Born in 1982, Mathias studied violin, piano & music theory at the age of 5 and the guitar at 13, fascinated by Jimmy Hendrix and Django Reinhardt. A first prize winner at the National Conservatory of Raincy (near Paris) in violin, chamber music & music theory at an age of 17, he undertook his first international tour with the Caravan Quartet group. In 2008, he recorded the first album of his Quintet (guitar, vocal, accordion, bass and drum). He has played and composed for theatre as well as cinema. He has globally more than 300 concerts to his credit till date.


Joris VIQUESNEL (guitar):
A self-made guitarist, Joris began performing at the age of 16. His passion for jazz, particularly music of Django Reinhardt, brought him in close contact with many musicians in Paris. In 2003, Joris joined the ‘Marche-Pied’ company, combining circus, dance & music on the theme of nomadism. He met Norig in 2007 and accompanied her in the ‘Sébastien Giniaux Balkan Project’ exploring Balkan music with electric sound effects. He participated in the famous Gypsy music album ‘Selmer 607 Invite Stochelo Rosenberg’ in 2009. Besides, he accompanies Norig on her next album ‘Ionela’ releasing in October, 2013.


Olivier LORANG (bass):
A first prize winner of classical clarinet in 1999, Olivier achieved perfection as an improviser with Dominique Di Piazza & Linley Martha besides Didier Lockwood, Manuel Rocheman & Malo Vallois whom he accompanies on stage. Since 2001, he has performed with Caravan Quartet over three albums and toured extensively. He is the composer, arranger and performer of the first album Carhabana, nominated to the Victories of Cuban Music ‘Cubadisco 2007’, a collaboration of Caravan Quartet and Cuban Latin Jazz Musicians like Frank Rubio, Thomas Ramon, Ortiz & Rolando Luna. He regularly accompanies Norig on stage.