Alliance Française Hyderabad, supported by Bharathi Cement / Vicat France

welcomes you to celebrate World Music Day 2017

on SUNDAY 18th JUNE 2017  at Auditorium, Alliance Francaise Hyderabad 

from 4:00pm to 6:00 PM     






Bindu Shravanti Piano Solo- Western Classical Music
Strangers in Transit Acoustic Alt-Rock
Indravandith Western Classical
Filling the blank! Guitar, Vocal and Djembe
Ram Thyagarajan Solo Bollywood/Guitarist
Vishal Dass Guitar
Aaron Alexander Jenson Piano and Violon
303 Harmonica, Guitar & Vocals, Cajon, Didgeridoo

About the Festival

World Music Day is a connected set of free music events which takes place each year on the 21st June. This “festival of music” is no ordinary festival. Created in France in 1982, it has been taken up by over 120 countries where it has been just as successful. Music takes over the city’s streets, with live bands, singers, amateur musicians, drummers, DJs and so on scattered throughout the city, expressing themselves through music and inviting the crowd to enjoy themselves.

Hyderabad has been a contributor towards this festival for several years. It has grown from being a small event at Alliance Française to becoming a big music festival (~ 2000 spectators in 2015) in the city, bringing together musicians from India and abroad and reflecting the whole palette of music styles and genres: Indian modern and traditional, western classical, rock or fusion.

Since 2016 the festival takes yet another leap forward, in an attempt to get closer to the real “French World Music Day” concept. Thus, shifting from a one stage, one crowd, centralized, concert style to several venues across the city.


Find the program of the day at the different venues across Hyderabad: