Dominique Paulin, is an artist, doctor and daughter of the well known designer Pierre Paulin. Her paintings do not reveal whether it is the beginning or the end of the world, the beginning or the end of a life, we only know that we are at the heart of something important and that an immense battle lies before us: that of the living.

Self-taught, she soon developed her own style, always searching new artistic approaches, by mixing oil, pastel, ink on various materials (cosmetics, ash, walnut stain,…) in a non-figurative style. The large formats of Dominique Paulin reveal an overlaying of colors, lending a transparency of richness to the canvas.

Dominique Paulin guides us towards light, via her personal perception of man’s unease and the fragility of his presence on earth. Yet, there are no human figures in her works, just a presence.

Dominique is the first French artist invited for a one month residency by Kalakriti Art Gallery and the French Embassy in India.