Hyderabad Western Music Foundation in collaboration with Alliance Française of Hyderabad


Uberto Orlando

 Uberto Orlando (UK) studied composition with Gaetano Giani Luporini in Florence, Orchestra Conducting in Turin with Giorgio Ferrari and Computer Music in Venice and in Paris with Pierre Boulez.

Uberto is a Professor of Flute, Chamber Music, and Music for Wind Ensembles and in his long career he has taught in several Conservatories of Music and has given Master Classes worldwide. Uberto has recorded, broadcasted and performed all across the world, including Europe, Russia, the USA and Central America, Africa, India, Japan and the Far East.

Program of the day:

Saturday, 2nd May – 5 pm: Lecture

How is western music taught in Europe? What is today the role of classical music (and Opera) in modern Western societies? This is an interactive seminar with explanations about different kinds and different levels of music education, how music teachers qualify and how they are recruited, what the curricula of the different instruments are like… Entry free.

Saturday, 2nd May – 7 pm: Western Classical Concert

Uberto Orlando will play classical compositions, from Pergolesi, Beethoven to Ravel, Fauré and Debussy, with Hyderabad based musicians Nicole Bhatia, Ritu Gopal, Abhijit Gurjale, Mohit Dodwani, Chaitanya Marneni, Eshaan Bhansali as duets, trio and quartet.

Donor pass (available at the venue on 2nd May): Rs 150 (HWMF-members: free)