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Female health optimisation framework : when science confronts the taboo for the best of the sport

About Dr. Kevin Caillaud

Dr. Kevin Caillaud is a Multidisciplinary Scientist and High-Performance consultant. A Ph.D. in cellular exercise physiology, he holds a bachelors in sport science and in biology, after graduating as a dietitian-nutritionist. He is an accredited swimming coach, a consultant in tennis for the Roland Garros national center, for several professional and elite French tennis players, and international athletes, in swimming, handball, combat sports, marathon and ultra-endurance.

A researcher on overtraining and nutritional optimization of training and exercise metabolism, he is a visiting lecturer for several governmental organizations in France. He is now heading both  exercise physiology and nutrition departments at IIS, developing a weight management system for combat sports, a female athlete support framework, and a data analysis process for physiological screening and reporting.



Sharda Ugra, journalist,  Sport Media personality, Cricinfo/ESPN